4 Piece Ensemble: Marc, Curry, BlueSuede, Inari

Hi Monthly Stitchers!

My July was really full, so I wasn’t able to submit anything for the first three challenges, but I had 5 free days at the end of the month and pulled together this outfit for the Indie Royalty challenge.

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My outfit has 4 parts (these links go to my blog, where there is a ridiculous amount of detail about each project):

  1. Papercut – Rigel Bomber
  2. Sew Over It – Ultimate Trousers
  3. Named – Inari Tee
  4. The Inspired Wren – Lined Tote Bag

I love this outfit!  The colors are right up my alley and I think I’ll get lots of wear out of the pieces individually and as an outfit.

Marc-esque Rigel Bomber

This indie gem is the Rigel Bomber from Papercut Patterns. The pattern is well drafted, and the instructions clear. I had a great time making it and love my new jacket.

I found this amazing fabric on a trip to NYC at Mood. I had in my mind that it was a Marc Jacobs print, but the selvedge is blank and I can’t find my receipt to verify. To me, it looks similar to this Marc Jacobs print, so I’m calling it at least Marc-esque. Does anybody know if it’s a Marc?

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Rigel Bomber – welt pocket and zip

Whoever the maker, this fabric is a dream. It’s a medium-weight crepe and presses well.

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Rigel Bomber – with added lining and flat piping

The Rigel bomber is unlined, but I added a lining using this super helpful lining tutorial from Kat. (Hi Kat! Thanks for the tutorial!)  I used a SuperFine Bemberg Lining from Wawak.  I love this lining and will order it again.  It is really smooth and has a good weight to it.  It makes me happy when I slide on my jacket.

I cut a large based on the envelope measurements and my only change was to add 1/2″ to the sleeve length.  Most sleeves are a touch too short for me and it feels like such a luxury to have sleeves that are a tad too long!

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Rigel Bomber – Zipper Detail

I thought it would be cool to add little touches that tied the pieces together that only I (and now you!) would know about. I added flat piping to the seam between the lining and the jacket using the curry gaberdine from the pants in the outfit.  I used the jacket fabric as the “this is the back of your pants” tag, and the jacket lining fabric as the inner pocket in the bag.  All these little things make me smile.

Curry trousers

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Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers and Inspired Wren Tote

This amazing gabardine in curry is from Emma One Sock. This fabric is yummy  (and not just because it’s named curry).  Emma One Sock always has great quality, and this fabric is no disappointment.  It presses like a dream, and has a beautiful hand.  I loved sewing with it.

Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers - Back Tab

Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers – Interior Detail

It took awhile, but I finally settled on the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers because I thought the flat front and tapered leg would pair well with the bomber jacket.  I had a lot of adventures with the fitting of these pants, but am happy with how they turned out.  I understitched the waistband, finished the edges by serging, and added a faced hem.  I used the blind hem foot for the hem.

Blue Suede Tote

I’m super-excited to have made a bag!


This is a free Lined Tote pattern from The Inspired Wren.  I thought the proportions of this bag are ideal.  At 8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ x 4″ it will be perfect for throwing my iPad, lunch, and bottle of Yerba Mate in as I run out the door for work.  It has an outer pocket and reinforced bottom.

I know I named this the Blue Suede bag, which might have led you to think I used actual suede.  I didn’t, but I’ve always wanted blue suede shoes.  So there you go.  Actually I used a super-awesome blue velveteen-ish home dec fabric and pleather from the stash.

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The Inspired Wren Lined Tote

I wanted a stiffer bag than designed, so I added more thickness in the form of ThermoWeb Heat-and-Bond Fusible Fleece (non-affiliate link).  I was worried about the long-term fusing, so I sewed it into the seams as well.  This made for a super-thick bag.  14 layers in some places.  My Bernina powered through, but I think she was a little mad.

I used a heavy duty regular needle (90/14), a teflon foot, and lengthened my stitch length to a 3 for topstitching.  I used my iron on medium with a press cloth and only destroyed one piece of pleather in the process.  (I’m calling that a win!)

Inspired Wren Tote Bag - Lining Down

The Inspired Wren Lined Tote – Interior

I added an interior pocket and a key clip that I salvaged from another bag.  Not that I’m the type of person who would ever use a key clip.  But I’d like to be.  And if the urge to clip overtakes me I’ll be ready.

Overall, I’m really pleased with my first bagmaking effort and I’m hooked on bagmaking!  I want to make All The Bags.


I’ve been watching the Inari pop up all over the blogosphere since it came out. I wanted to make the tee before committing to the dress, so started this shirt is a wearable muslin.  Then the announcement for the IPM challenges came out, and I though it would be great for this outfit!

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Named Inari Tee

I had read that the Inari tends to ride up when you raise your arms, so I used this alteration by Handmade by Carolyn before even cutting into my fabric.  The alteration worked beautifully.

I like this silhouette on me more than I thought I would.  I really like how the cropped, boxy top pairs with these pants.  Unfortunately, this top won’t make it into regular rotation.  It was a mystery fabric I found in my stash (yeah for stashbusting!) but it’s very itchy (boo for itchy!).  I was thinking that I’d put up with that, but after wearing it for the photoshoot today I’ve decided it’s just too short for me (boo for too short!).

This color is super useful, so I’ll be thinking about adding a knit t-shirt and a woven tee in this color.  I’m still undecided about the Inari dress, but have lots of other things in my queue to keep me busy while I decide!

Final Thoughts

I’m really happy that almost everything came from my stash.  I only bought lining and zippers.  (So that means there’s more room in the stash now for new fabric, right….?)

Thanks so much to my super husband/photographer for taking all of the good pictures and pimping them up.  All of the bad detail close-up shots are my fault.

ipm_2017 (13 of 17)

Indie Royalty – Casually sitting on a bench

Also thanks to the rest of my family for eating leftovers, take-out, and “breakfast for dinner” for a week.

And especially, thanks to Kat and Mel for putting on Indie Pattern Month!  I can’t imagine how much work you put into this event.

I’d love to hear from you!  I can be found at my website and on Insta at notfancynancy

21 thoughts on “4 Piece Ensemble: Marc, Curry, BlueSuede, Inari

  1. This is so impressive! What gorgeous garments and they all work together so well. I completely forgot about Carolyn’s adjustment for the inari when I cut out my last one but I’ll definitely try it next time!


  2. Such a great outfit. I definitely must bump the riegel up the list and thanks for sharing the links for lining and stopping the Inari riding up – so clever. I do a lot of arm gesticulating so this trick will definitely help me! Bummer about the itch and length but everything else is amazing and well done hubby on the excellent photos too – you look very beautiful.


  3. Love the whole ensemble! Your bomber jacket came out so cool! I’ve had a hankering for ‘curry’ coloured trouser and seeing yours has increased this tenfold. With your inari tee, how about layering it over a long sleeve, collared shirt? Then it won’t be directly against your skin and itching. I wear cropped Scout Tees (similar boxy shape) over shirts all the time.


  4. Divine colour combos! And the little details are beautiful. Looks like a great collection – barring the itchy Inari boo hiss – but pretty sure that you will make it again.


  5. Thank you for the link to your bag! I immediately clicked off to Craftsy to download the pattern – love yours! I think since you have so much of this fabric and batting you should make a slew of them (gifts or sell them!) Thank you too for that link to Caroline’s tutorial for the sleeves on the Inari – I haven’t made up that pattern yet myself but that sleeve info is helpful to know. I like yours in white – maybe once you’re happy with a new fabric for it you’ll be making more of those because it suits you to a Tee 🙂


    • Now that I’ve been toting the bag around for a couple of days I can say that it’s really a great size. I am going to be making a slew – but I’m going to make it easier on myself and use lighter fabrics. I love Caroline’s blog. She’s always got great tips and style.


  6. Wow, just wow! This is an incredible outfit. I’m off to download the bag pattern now as it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.


  7. I loved this combination. It’s so well thought out. I also love that all the insides and details are so neat. The jacket and the bag are my favourites but the way it comes together it perfect. A great post. Off to follow you on instagram ☺


  8. I absolutely love your entire outfit!!! You have a great color combo going there! Well done! I too made two Inari dresses with the sleeves alterations from Kenneth King based on a Threads magazine article. I have yet to make the tee! Too bad the fabric is itchy! I can’t stand itchy fabrics either.


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