An outfit for not quite right now…


When the announcement for Indie Pattern Month 2017 came out, I saw that as the perfect excuse to but and immediately cut out the new Papercut Kobe dress as a top using his amazing blue, black, red silk stretch that I bought in Germany over Christmas. I have been trying to find the right pattern for it for ages and this was just it. I wanted something that didn’t have too many seams to that the fabric could shine. The other half mentioned this is one of his favourite makes f mine 🙂 A win already 😉


That’s what started the quest of getting my garments together for the Indie Royalty part of the month. Despite putting myself on a fabric/pattern buying freeze (due to new house being build in the new year), I couldn’t resist the new Papercut collection, there’s just something about it. So in addition to the Kobe dress (which I did a quick test dress version before cutting into my beautiful silk – that’s also beautiful), I also bought the Sapporo Coat. That became my number two for the contest. I had this camel coloured wool in my stash for a while. I think it was meant for a winter dress, but then I thought that would be too thick. It’s very nich quality wool with nap from the Fabric Warehouse, not very thick though, so better for a change of season early or late summer coat. I didn’t have enough for the sleeves so I cut those out of a similar weight grey wool that I got from my mum a few years back. It was just about 80-90cm, just enough for skirt or the sleeves of the Sapporo coat. To make this into something truely special I used a bit of Liberty cotton for the lining to bring together the colours of the coat. And I must say, I like it.


My initial plan was to make some Ginger jeans to complete this outfit, using the jeans fabric I ordered from Closet Case that finally, after more than 4 months. But unfortunately that didn’t quite work out the way I intended it. I was all excited, cut them out, just to notice on the last piece of cutting that I had cut out the Morgan jeans, not the Gingers, using the stretch jeans intended for Ginger. Oh well, I thought and started sewing. I had even done a knock knee adjustment. Something is not quite right with them unfortunately. There’s too much fabric at the crotch, and I just don’t have enough time to find out how to fix them and make adjustments before the month comes to an end.

Hence, I decided to leave them be for now until I have enough time to do them justice and used the rest of the fabric to make a Named Pulmu Skirt to finish my ensemble. I’ve had this pattern for a while, just never managed to make it. It came togehter really quickly with the rest of the Ginger fabric and some stretch lining from my stash. I really like the triangular side panels and decided to subtly emphasise them by using the fabric in reverse for the inserts. I’m still really keen on doing a white and black or white a blue version, like Morna from Style of Constructing did. I love that skirt.


And then to round it all off I decided to make the Ida Clutch using a piece of leather I had in my stash (from the Fabric Store). It wasn’t quite enough for the original patter, but 1cm less all around still makes for a beautiful bag.

I was all ambitious and wanted to make some underwear as well, but only got to the undies and not the bra. Well, I made a muslin for a bra, but it didn’t fit and time was a bot tight, so I hope this is enough.

Kobe top details:

Fabric and notions: a dark blue silk stretch I bought in Germany during my Christmas holiday. It’s got black panthers with red collars on it and white dots and it beautiful to wear – I can’t wait for warmer weather, but will wear this with a black underlayer too… I used a lovely coral coloured button from my stash, just the same colour of the red dots on the fabric.

Size: S, according to the table and measuring the pattern, just in case, and it’s the right size for me.

Changes: I did not make any changes to the patterns at all, it was just lovely as it is.

Construction: I just followed the instructions, not a problem, made no changes to them at all.


Sapporo coat details:

Fabric: This is made with a camel coloured wool from my stash, originally from The Fabric Store with some grey colour blocking on the sleeves because I didn’t have enough fabric for the whole coat. The grey is a slightly lighter wool fabric inherited from my mum. I have to admit one of the inside pieces of the sleeves is cut on the bias because I didn’t have enough fabric either, but it doesn’t make a different. The lining is a liberty tana lawn from the Fabric Store. I also had that in my stash, originally intended for a dress, but I hadn’t gotten around to it and it just drew together all these colours so nicely that I thought yes, lets use it, it’lol make you happy anytime you open the coat. It soooo nice to cut and sew and luckily I have enough left for a little blouse.

Size: S, I think…

Changes: No changes were made at all.

Construction: The only thing I changed a bit was not to iron up the seam allowances of the coat before attaching the lining, I didn’t quite trust the length of the lining/my sewing accuracy, wondering if it would be long enough to not make any bubbles in the jacket. In the end I probably could have ironed it up, everything fit just perfectly without any problem. you never quite know though 😉 In the photos it still looks like that there are some wrinkling, but I think that’s just due to my not very good ironing. It actually hangs freely with some extra give in the lining. The wool does not iron very well.


I love the lines of that coat! I’ll definitely make another one, a summer version. Maybe using an eyelet cotton?


Pulmu Skirt details:

Fabric: The left over from the Ginger Jean kit I bought from Closet Case Patterns. It’s stretchy cotton, dark dark blue and shiny (lightly coated I think and going by the smell when ironing) on one side and a lighter blue (matte) on the other side. The lining is a scrap of stretch lining I had at home in a lovely blush colour. I so need to get more of that, it’s very nice to wear.

Size: 38, my usual from Named, fits me every time.

Changes: I initially cut everything as intended, but as soon as I had the main body of the skirt together and tried it on, I decided that high waisted just wasn’t for me. So I cut the top of the skirt off, about as much as the facing and then attached the lining to the skirt without any facing. I just top stitched at the top of the skirt.

I also didn’t’t quite want it to end below the knee, as I know that can make my legs look bigger than they actually are. So I shortened the pattern at hip height and just above the slit for about 5cm in total, so that it just hits about knee height.

Construction: Apart from my changes to the top of the skirt, I followed the instructions and found them to be pretty simple and straight forward. It took about two read-throughs to figure out how to do the hem, but after that, no probs, all easy, and so clever.


Ida clutch details:

Fabric: a lovely camel coloured leather, slightly textured and a blue quilting cotton, both from my stash. The leather is from the Fabric Store and the cotton… I have no idea.

Size: It’s one size, though I didn’t quite have enough, so mine is about 1cm smaller all around.

Changes: I didn’t make any changes apart from adding in two little loops on both sides wherein the clutch bends over, so that I can attach a strap if I want to. I also added a little strap with a hook on the inside for keys. It’s something I saw in some of my mum’s ready made bags and I love it. I told myself I would add that to all of my bags, sooo useful. I also didn’t have a magnet or button in the right colour, so I just decided to leave that out.

Construction: With the photos online, it was super easy. It came together in no time. I used a zipper from an old bag, I carefully unpicked it and moved the end pieces. I really like this zipper, fits perfectly. The black strap is also from that old bag. It was a nice leather bag that I spend good money on, strangely enough the company didn’t understand that leather is stretchy, hence the lining should be stretchy as well… well, it didn’t last very long, so now I am reusing bits and pieces.



All in all, I am super happy with my little outfit. I had initially read the instructions for the contest wrong and now am not totally sure if I even qualify, as I think I only ever managed to post something for the Holly Accessorties challenge. If that counts, then I’m good to go, if not, I don’t mind, I have four gorgeous pieces, a pair of undies and a test version of a bra that I will perfect when I finally have a bit more time.

Couple more close-ups 🙂 Here the contrast as much as possible with photos taken in the evening of dark fabric…


I made the yoke in the grey colour as well, and isn’t that lining pretty…? I love the look 🙂


Apologies for the somewhat crappy photos, there hasn’t been very many nice days lately, so it had to be indoor evening kitchen photos…

It’s been a wonderful month, thanks Mel and Kat again for the great time! And everyone else for your amazing entries and inspiration.

Till next time.

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  1. SO stylish! I love the Kobe on you and it definitely affirms my thoughts of making another in drapey fabric. You look amazing. Every piece you made is great and they are so cohesive together.


  2. I love every single piece of your outfit – I have the Sapporo on it’s way. From the first moment I saw this pattern I had a feeling I would be ordering it. I love Papercuts new patterns as well – 2 just arrived this afternoon (the twist top and the jeans) and after seeing a couple of these Sapporos made up I decided to just go ahead and order it. Yours is stunning – I love the different colour wool for the sleeves actually which has inspired a couple of ideas for fabrics already in my stash. I love your purse too – such a nice chunky zipper! Is there anything nicer than a soft leather pouch with a great quality zipper?!


  3. Lovely, sophisticated outfit. I love the lining match on the coat – interesting without competing with the outer fabric. And…excess crotch fabric in Closet Case jeans, I know that problem well. Haha.


    • Thanks Helen! I don’t know quite why I have that fitting issue. I’m starting to admit to myself now that the only trouser patterns that fit me without too many changes are burda patterns…


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