True Named Love

IMG_4485 (2)I did not set out to write a love letter to Named Patterns, but we can’t help who we love. It is just so fun making their patterns, and even more fun wearing them. Though when I took these photos I was sweating all over. Let’s just say it was not a perfect day to play fancy lady and get dressed up in my lined dress and tweed jacket. I took these photos and quickly put my shorts back on.

IMG_4498 (2)
To complete my Indie Royalty outfit I tried to quickly whip up an Inari dress. This is a great pattern and I’ve been scanning my fabric stash for possible matches. This crepe is great because it has a bit of stretch and hangs with some weight. I wanted to preserve the stretch (especially around my hips), so I lined it with a lightweight jersey. It seems counter-intuitive to line a dress in this heat, but it helps to keep the back from sticking to my bum.

IMG_4504 (2)In classic Helena style, I stretched what should have been a simple 2 hour dress into a 4 hour marathon. The lining is, of course, extra work, but also the finishing of each seam separately so I can press it flat, the stay stitching, the grading of the relevant seams. I even said to myself that I will just quickly make this simple dress to enter in this contest, just for fun, but I lied to myself. I got lost in the little details and then, before I knew it, it is the last possible minute to get my entry in and I’m begging my 8 year old to take my picture. But, the dress is really detailed and well made, and I should have modeled it inside out.

IMG_4470 (2)I especially like the pairing of the two pieces. Truthfully I am not a very fancy lady, but the Inari dress is a casual shape and easy to wear, so it balances out the more formal and fancy Named Lourdes jacket. I am looking forward to wearing the jacket with jeans, too, but this outfit really is a fun one and I will wear it again! And I know I will get a ton of wear from this new dress.

I really had fun this Indie Pattern month and I hope everyone else did, too! Thank you, The Monthly Stitch!

11 thoughts on “True Named Love

  1. Your outfit is stunning as is your sitting room. Totally get begging the eight-year-old to take photos. I have a tripod stored somewhere; gosh knows where; children are much handier, aren’t they?


  2. They look gorgeous! I don’t really like the way the Named styles their looks on their website, but I like your versions that look super stylish and classy! And they look so flattering on you!


  3. I’ve yet to try a Named pattern but they’ve received so much love from everyone this IPM and with your outfit looking so fab, I’ve got to give them a try. I bet you can wear this combo to a number of different events.


  4. You look lovely! I am interested in how you lined your dress with a knit…did you go all the way to the hem with the lining?


    • Thank you! No, because of the split hem I just lined it to mini skirt length and serged the bottom. I also didn’t line the sleeves, just stopped the lining at the armscye. That did the trick, making the dress more opaque and covering panty lines. Vital, in my book!


      • That is great information. Thank you for sharing! I hate wearing slips (I don’t have any fun ones) and I don’t want a clingy outfit. I have been playing with the 100 Acts of Sewing top and using stashed fabrics with this simple pattern. I am going to try your lining idea on the next one.


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