A closer look at Amber and Onyx

Let’s give a warm welcome back to Paprika Patterns – one of our amazing returning sponsors for Indie Pattern Month 2017! Kat caught up with Lisa, the designer behind Paprika Patterns, to find out more about two of her gorgeous designs…

Hi Lisa! Welcome to Indie Pattern Month 2017! First, can you tell us a bit about your pattern range, for people who may not have seen it before?

Hi! My pattern range is made up of designs that I love to wear myself, and I try to incorporate some original design elements into each pattern. I don’t pay much attention to trends, but instead design pieces that are timeless. Wearing comfort is always the first premisse, you have got to be able to move around!

We’d love to hear more about two of your patterns today. First up, the Onyx shirt. Can you tell us the inspiration behind this pattern?

I always love to add some elements inspired by menswear in my patterns. The Onyx was designed with the rolled up sleeves and tabs as main element. I also figured out a way to make the rolled up sleeves follow the curve of the arm instead of standing away from the body as you see often. Figuring out things like that makes designing fun for me, even though it’s not always obvious in the final design.

How did you decide on the name for it?

My patterns have the names of gemstones. I had just completed a minor in geology in Norway and at first I wanted to use rock names, but those are just to hard to pronounce and remember. So I kept it simple and used gemstones.

Can you share some of your favourite versions of it that people have made, and tell us a bit about why they are your favourites?

One of my all-time favourites is this simple white linen version from Catrin, with a yoke and tab at the back. It’s just perfect.

Another great one is this shibori version from Sara, who paired it into a faux jumpsuit.

And now, how about the Amber trousers! What was the inspiration behind the Amber pattern?

These were inspired by my favourite summer pants from a few years ago. And these were accidentally right on trend, as wide-legged summer pants. The main feature here is the V-shaped yoke/waistband, which I think is very feminine and flattering. They are my go-to summer pants.

And where did the name come from?

Amber isn’t really a gemstone but fossilised resin, but it’s used in jewellery and I just liked the name.

What are your favourite versions of the Amber trousers that people have made?

I love this linen pair by Deb, they look so crisp.

And Meg chose the perfect summery fabric for her version.

And because we love your designs, and are really looking forward to the next one – do you have any hints you can give us about your next pattern?

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some hints here and there. But I’m designing a collection this time, and I just finished the first piece – a summer jacket. It’s definitely not a design that you have seen before so I hope people will love it as much as I do.

Thanks so much Lisa, for sponsoring Indie Pattern Month 2017 and for telling us more about some of your lovely patterns?
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