Announcing the August Challenge!

Hi Monthly Stitchers!

I hope you’re all enjoying Indie Pattern Month this year…your Editors were having so much fun they forgot that after IPM time still goes on…so here is the August challenge announcement…in August.

Sorry…forgive us?

Because it’s our BIRTHDAY!

TMS is now 4 years old! We’re well beyond the walking stage now, we’re getting a pretty good run on, catch us if you can! 😀

Celebrate with us by sending cake to the following address:

Mel & Kat
c/o New Zealand

Ok just kidding…or am I?

This month be inspired by the number 4!

Here’s some ideas:

  • 4 garment capsule wardrobe (for the super organised!)
  • Pattern with only four pieces (that’s my jam!)
  • A four year old pattern or piece of fabric (to the stash!)
  • Your fourth iteration of a pattern
  • Four godet (godets?) in your party dress or skirt
  • Cakes – four of them, to the address above 😉

IPM is almost over but there’s still so much sewing to do…and baking.




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