New to me amnesty: the Carolyn pyjamas

I had grand plans to have these pjs finished in time for New to Me week, but here we are on amnesty day and they’ve barely been done for two days. Oh well, better late than never, eh?

We’re gearing up for a heatwave here in Seattle and I have nothing but tatty winter-weight pyjamas to wear to bed. Most of the time I’m happy slumming it in flannel bottoms and an old t-shirt, but the rising temperatures have made me hanker for something a bit lighter and shorter. The Carolyn pyjamas from Closet Case Patterns are a perfect fit, especially in view C, with its short sleeved top and short bottoms. I’d never used one of their patterns before, nor had I inserted piping or attempted a notched collar. It seemed like a good challenge.

And do you know what? I’m pretty pleased with the results! Part of it is down to the fabric – an Ikea duvet cover (Nypronos – bought for $30, including two pillowcases), which is basically a light chambray. That made for a super chilled make, where the fabric behaved and pressed like a dream. Given that it was my first attempt at piping, I’m glad I chose a stable fabric, and in some places the pattern even matches from one side of the piping to the other!

Camouflage or pattern-matching with the bedding?

As they’re pjs, the fit isn’t crucial, but I graded from a 10 around the bust and waist to a 16 at the hips. This was fine in the shirt but I fudged it a bit in the shorts – something to correct next time, but I think they’ve turned out fine so I won’t lose sleep over it (pun definitely intended).

Anyway here’s some pictures, and if you’d like to read a bit more about my version of the Carolyn pjs, check out my blog Stuff Jo Has Made.

Thanks so much to the Monthly Stitch team for another great Indie Pattern Month. I know I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations, as well as taking part!

18 thoughts on “New to me amnesty: the Carolyn pyjamas

    • Thank you! I love Ikea fabrics so was really disappointed that they didn’t have a fabric department in my local shop. Good job their duvet covers are up to the challenge though! 😀


  1. Love your Caroline’s! They are an amazing fit and that fabric is so perfect for them – it made me giggle to see you lying in that bed with your jammies matching your bedding. Now that is a vision I’ve never seen before! Like an ad for Martha Stewart’s, “how to dress appropriately for your bedroom” 🙂 I wear shorts and sleeveless tops around the house all the time so I’ve been eyeing this set for a while – you’ve inspired me for sure!


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