Elle Puls Bethioua Back Yoke Raglan Top


Last month it was Indie Pattern Month. Like I said in my Hack it post I sadly would’t be joining the last Indie challenge. It was completely my own mistake that I totally misunderstood the rules of this last challenge. Looking twice and reading the rules three times would have been better for me as not a native speaking English person. Lesson learned. So my sewings for this challenge didn’t happen. But wait. Then came this along. TMS is 4 years old in August! The challenge was to use the number 4. Surprise Surprise Surprise Surprise. Let me explain first. I thought Indie royalty was about using making a garment of an Indie pattern maker you loved and who deserved some attention. I had picked the Elle Puls Bethioua Back Yoke Raglan Top.


Why? Because I’m a huge fan of the Elle Puls Tunika Elle. I’ve two long versions of this pattern as well as a cropped hacked version. You won’t believe this: the Elle Puls Bethioua Back Yoke Raglan Top has only four pattern pieces. Front, back and two sleeves.


Making this pattern would make the Mel and Kat happy. Pattern with only four pieces is their jam. It took me a weekend to b(m)ake it but it was worth doing. To give this m(b)ake my flavour I’ve added one of my favourites styling features to my Elle Puls Bethioua Back Yoke Raglan 4 Top. The main ingredient the striped fabric that I used for this Top is perfect for a nautical look so I gave this Top my favourite boatneck flavour instead of the scoop neck.

x-achter-e1501920026550 x-zij-e1501919957350

What can I say. All’s well that ends well. I’ve made the Top that I wanted to make for the Indie royalty challenge and I present the TMS team a m(b)ake 4 piece garment. Happy anniversary TMS team and looking forward to many more TMS challenging challenges. Want to know more about this pattern? Please follow this link.

6 thoughts on “Elle Puls Bethioua Back Yoke Raglan Top

  1. Love it Sonja! And for a non native English speaker, 10/10 for your cake puns. I’m always impressed by people who can play with words in their second (or probably in your case one of as many as 4) language. Goed gedaan!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. This T-shirt is so great to wear and it’s impressive that it only has 4 pattern pieces. Like many Dutch students we have to learn four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. It’s always fun to play with words.

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