Birthday Mix Tape

Happy Birthday to The Monthly Stitch! I’ve only been joining in for about a year. Well I’ve nearly been blogging for exactly a year so keep an eye out on my blog for an exciting competition next week. 

Anyway the Arabella Skirt is my second make as part of being Rebecca Page Ambassador. It comes with a pattern for the child’s sizes and a pocket template and instructions for the adult sizes and have just been released so it has an introductory price at the minute. 

Anyway, this was perfect for me because I like to draft my own skirts anyway so the instructions were perfect and it meant no printing, cutting and sticking. I just brought them up on screen. There are FOUR pieces, perfect for a fourth birthday. It has a front waistband, a longer back waistband, a piece of the skirt (the same front and back) and the tie round. You can add pockets but I didn’t (thank God or it wouldn’t have been four pieces! 

I used this AMAZING crepe from Flamingo Fabrics, who I’m slightly addicted too at the minute. It has tapes on it! It’s so funky and bright and I love it. The skirt asks for a drape so this was ideal. I bought 2 Metres and it was just enough. 

What was great about cutting the pattern pieces is that they were all square so it was a real no waste sew. 

Anyway, the construction was really easy and quick, I French seamed everything and made the ties. The only thing I did differently was to hem the bottom of the skirt first. Probably, a bit controversial I know but they were perfectly square and hemming is my least favourite thing. I though it would 1. be easier to sew whilst the fabric wasn’t gathered and 2. save me dreading the job at the end of the Sew!

The skirt is really really full and I was worried it might add bulk to my frame but it’s great. The fabric is really light and flowing, which means it just skims over me. I love the length of it too. I’m glad I didn’t go with a maxi because I know I would get the same wear out of it. 

Next month’s pattern is super exciting! In the meantime, here’s the pictures. I wore it with my refashioned wanted Tee and a navy body. Not sure why I look vaguely annoyed!

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