Happy 4th Birthday TMS. Here’s a pattern that took 4 pieces!

I had been planning a kimono style over layer for evening for some time. Seems I was well ahead of the curve here as clearly they are currently having a very mainstream fashion moment. I’m fine with that as my evening wardrobe is designed to be as timeless as possible and I believe that soft drapey jackets like this will always be chic for evening and in the meantime I will wear them with jeans and t-shirts too. Winning all round.

This Kimono is a hack of the Esme Cardigan by my fav Named Clothing. I made some modifications as follows:

  • Made the front into a single piece removing the pockets
  • Narrowed the button stand to about 5cm
  • Widened and shortened the sleeves, leaving off the cuff
  • Added fringing to the hem

The gunmetal satin fabric was purchased at a school fair for $1 and the fringing was from Spotlight.

I sewed the entire garment with French seams to make the inside of this unlined garment pretty too and also this fabric frays like the badness.

To Melissa and Kat who are the most amazing and hard working admins for this site, “Many happy returns!” I love being involved with TMS and I hope you are both proud of what you have created here.

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Naomi X