Announcing the October Challenge!

Hi Monthly Stitchers, let’s have some fun!

We’re calling October’s challenge Stash Smash and it’s exactly how it sounds.

We’re challenging you to dig in your stash and sew whatever you want using stashed fabric…but to make it more interesting we’re adding in a little something extra.

We’ve made up a points system based on how much fabric you use, how long it’s been stashed and how precious it is…obviously the more extreme each factor, the more points you get!

We’re challenging you to dig deep and, yes, we’re making you count in meters…because Metric rules 😉

In each of your posts copy the table below as a template and fill in the numbers:

Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used x x points
Stash Time x x points
Preciousness x points
x points

At the end of the month we’ll see who got the most points and also have a total for The Collective Stash Smash!



19 thoughts on “Announcing the October Challenge!

  1. I’m saving mine for one big post. So far I’ve made 2 dresses, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, sweatshirt, skirt and am about to sew up 2 vests as well. Much of it is from deep stash, though one of the dresses and the t-shirt had only reached buried status.


  2. If only… I just blogged about a jacket I made with stashed fabric from waaaaay back. The outer shell was suiting fabric (10+ years) lined with silk brocade (20+ years). I have definitely got more things to make from le stash so hopefully I will get around to entering the challenge.


  3. What about: I really like this fabric but I won’t cry if it’s a fail…Currently, staring at a late 80’s cotton print that every time it surfaces, I say to myself…I just “have to…”


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