Inspiration to stick your neck out

I’ve been looking around the Interwebs for inspiration for collars and necklines and it seems that everything goes! There’s so many ideas out there. I whiled away an enjoyable couple of hours the other evening and ended up with an enormous Pinterest board just full of ideas.

There are some wild and wacky collars if you feel like copying them, such as this accordion collar which reminds me of a book opening up, or this ruff like collar which looks like it’s made from plywood! and

These structured collars would look great on button down shirts and blouses. Pleats and layers, look great and I love this white one below. The Vera Wang stand up collar in contrast looks very regimental. I also love this green blouse with the collar that looks like it’s half a welt pocket.,,

The Pattern Magic pattern books by Tomoko Nakamichi have some great neckline examples in them, like this double layered collar, where one layer stands like on a dress shirt or the example on the left with the half stand up neckline from pleats starting at the armscye, looking as it says, like a stole.,

If you’re looking for something vintage inspired, you just need to go to Decades of Style, they have some beautiful collars. I’ve just realised that the one on the left I have in stash!

Girl Friday Blouse and Collar Confection Blouse both from

Perhaps you prefer something fun? May be a cute kitty collar, or half a butterfly or fish. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love these?,, on Instagram

Or maybe you’re into curves and Peter Pan collars. I found this KATY pencil dress first, then lo and behold, I found it on the Lekala website. I think buy me might be happening soon!,,

Phew! That’s enough collars for now, why not check out some necklines! Add some button tabs around a plain neckline, team them with some tabs at the waist and you have a slimming dress. Or why not these criss cross tabs on this fit and flare vintage dress (which I might just be a little bit in love with!),

Keyhole necklines also seem to be popular, this 60s cocktail dress or this Vogue pencil dress., V1254 on

For my final inspiration why not look for pleats or notches. I’m a fan of pleated necklines, but why not combine the pleats with a notch, or just go for notched necklines.

our very own Mel in V1353 on, V1420 from, me in Style Arc Gabby on, Beatrice Pocket dress from


Has this given you inspiration and ideas? Go on stick your neck out and give them a go!