Collar my world.

Don’t you just love it when TMS monthly theme coincides with what you were already planning on making?!

I have had the Named Clothing Quinn Shirt pattern sitting in my to make pile for a couple of months. I’ve made two now and seriously, I love it! And bonus, it has this awesome little collar detail which makes it ideal fare for September at TMS.

Based on the finished garment measurements I made the 40 and graded out to a 42 around the shoulders and I love the fit on this. I lowered the darts ever so slightly second time around and that is it in terms of fit adjustments.

My brain struggled with the opening at the bottom of the placket, but that’s no surprise, and I feel like I probably haven’t done it quite right either time. I also wonder if there is a missing instruction in the sleeve plackets as I could not get mine to sit flat without clipping the sleeve at the top to the seam where it joins the placket. But apart from those two little quirks and sewing 2x 18 buttonholes and buttons for each, there is nothing I don’t like about this pattern.

The fleur de lis fabric was harvested from a $3 skirt from a second hand clothing warehouse. There wasn’t quite enough to get the entire shirt from so I popped down to Spotlight and found some chambray in the same blue. I also bought some thread. The buttons were from my sisters stash – all 18 of them!

The bamboo fabric I bought off TradeMe (EBay for NZers) and the daisy fabric I bought from ReStore, my favourite op-shop which is just around the corner, and from where I have had some VERY good fabric scores. I had the idea of combining the two black and white fabrics and I am really happy with how this turned out. I left the pockets off this iteration as I felt there was already enough going on. Thread and buttons are all from my stash. The buttons almost all match!

(Excuse the poor quality of the photos – phone was used as camera was on the fritz!)

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