The Laneway dress that didn’t work so well.

For the collars challenge I decided to make the Laneway Dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, hers looked amazing and it’s just my style so I jumped in with a wearable muslin after adding some length to the bodice, too much length as it happened, but that’s just part of the problem.

This is how it’s supposed to look, it’s designed to have a reasonable amount of ease in the bust, but it’s also designed for fabric with a bit of body and my test fabric is probably viscose/rayon, it drapes rather than stands.   It did tell me a few things though even with inappropriate fabric.

As you can see the skirt is pretty good, though I’m not sure about the pockets which do disturb the line slightly and will probably do so more in the Liberty Lawn I’m planning on using.  You can see there is way too much fabric in the bodice both in the bust and below it.  The armhole is a little high for me, not uncomfortable, but I am very aware of it all the time.  I love the neckline and on the dresses she’s made for herself the fit is fantastic; I’m going to downsize the next one for the whole bodice, but will probably change the armhole a wee bit and of course the sleeve too.

Definitely too long in the body, I can feel it on the front and you can see the wrinkling on the back.  It’s a little wide through the back as well.

My main concern with using this pattern for the next one is what if it doesn’t work even with changes and I’ve ruined some gorgeous fabric?   Almost tempted to hit the pattern books to see if I can find something suitable, since my current patterns all seem to need something with even more body than the lawn.  Though one of the versions made by the designer used cotton lawn so it should be ok.  Aargh, decisions, decisions!

Finally, everything came from stash, had to shorten the zip and the buttons were the only ones that worked; how can I have so many buttons but still have problems finding the right ones?  I think I need more buttons!

I will wear this, but probably mostly at home, the top is just not flattering on me, but it’s warming up now so it’s  a good transitional piece.  I can’t cut the new one out yet, my knee is grumbling and standing for too long, or worse kneeling on the floor isn’t an option till it heals a bit more; maybe in a week.

There are more photos on my blog, Warming Crafts, including a silly one just because.

5 thoughts on “The Laneway dress that didn’t work so well.

  1. My first mockup looked kinda frumpy in the bust too. I went down one cup size (from a D to a C) even though that gave me less ease than the pattern suggested and the next mockup looked awesome. Your dress still looks great. I hope you do persist with the Laneway.


    • I’ve finished my second one, I went down a size (not cup). It’s not quite right, but a great deal closer. I think part of my problem is that I’m long waisted, but low busted which makes adjustments interesting for an open dart. I’m still pretty happy with it, will be posting once I’ve finished the rest of this month’s sewing; still have 2 vests and another dress to sew up.


  2. I made a version in a lightweight cotton of very similar weight to a lawn and I think it worked out nicely (there’s pics on my blog – or IG if you would like to see). I would persist with the laneway if I were you. I think the feminine and vintage inspired design would look great in a liberty print!

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    • Yours looks great! I agree with your comment about the pockets, I love pockets too, but not on this dress for me, I’ve got the wrong shaped hips I think. The sleeve insertion, it was great to see the instructions for one line of sewing, I’ve been doing that for years because I hated always having to pick out some of that second row. By the way, I’ve already made a Bronte dress (I added a skirt) and the Juniper cardigan and it’s almost warm enough here now to wear them, yay!

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      • Yep, I learned a lot from the little tips in the laneway instructions. Great to know about bronte and Juniper! Never thought of a bronte dress – great idea!


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