2015 Tulip Skirt

This skirt I made from aqua green waxed?| garberdine I have had since 2015 bought originally for a trenchcoat and subsequently changed my mind on the colour. This medium weight seemed too stiff for a pencil skirt or flounce but it’s perfect for a structured skirt with sharp pleats.

I used the skirt and waistband from the Macaron dress pattern by Colette – also in 2015 but never used, it was approx. £7.50 in a November pdf sale. I think I bought it to use up smaller scraps for the contrast, but it’s too girly for me. The garbardine was £7/m, I had it for so long and knew I would eventually make a jacket so I kept hold of it – but didn’t. I feel like I’ve wasted less money now! I left off the inseam cut the waistband pieces from quilting cotton (again in 2015, a palm tree print £7 I intended to make into aa top but I only had one metre of it), which I then interfaced and used as facings. I chose a lapped zip for the side in a lovely turquoise which I’ve also had for a while. Despite pinning both ends of each pleat, my skirt ended up smaller than the waistband so I just unpicked the outer pleats and redid. I hope I got the front and back the right way round! After I made this skirt I realised that green is perfect for autumn because it contrasts with the auburn leaves.  I don’t usually take notice of ‘spring colours’ and ‘autumn colours’ as apart from pastel trousers, we are able to wear the same clothes all year around in England!

I started pattern sewing in 2015, used three items, and I have a new office suitable (but fun colour) skirt!

Points: 60 (1 metre fabric?) (2 years+) (I really like the fabric)


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