Stash Smashing Red Cropped Hoody

I like the new Mimi G pattern  which is Simplicity 8392 but what struck me most was the similarity to this free pattern from Your Style Rocks “Our own pretty ways” pattern.  There is a definite similarity though don’t you think?

The YSR pattern has been around for ages now but the New Season Simplicity  pattern from Mimi G is new. So I recognised this pattern. I have no idea who the designer was. Maybe  Mimi G herself was inspired by the YSR pattern or maybe it was a lucky similarity. Who knows but this YSR pattern is free, is definitely old, 2012 I think, even if this design is New Season to Simplicity. AND I have owned it for ages. So I decided its time I made it. I really liked the Mimi G version sweatshirt version because I currently need a sweatshirt or cardigan but am after something a bit different but that I can wear for everyday life as well as dressing up. The only sweatshirt fabric in my stash is some bright red brushed back fabric of unknown fibre.  This also fits in with the current October Monthly Stitch Challenge and I have been a bit quiet and missed lots of challenges recently. Since I have had the fabric for two and a half years and the pattern since 2012 its kind of a double stash buster.


So using the TMS Stash smash table:

Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used 1 -3 m 10 points Chipping away
Stash Time 2-3 years 25  points like fine wine
Preciousness 10 points I like it but won’t cry if it’s a fail
POINTS TOTAL: 45 points

The YSR version seems more elf-like than sportswear although both are really the same thing. The clasp was an inspiration. Mimi G uses a zip which could also work here although would alter the construction. The YSR version uses hook and eyes. I was thinking originally of the kind of hooks and eyes you use on fur coats because I know I have some but then I found this old belt buckle and some red velvet ribbon. Ideally it should have been sewn into the front seam but I never though about using this and did not want to risk wrecking this lovely top by undoing overlocked seams so I folded it over on itself to give a neat edge and used a zipper foot to sew to the inside. Not perfect by any means but I think its fine for a first attempt at this.  I used an overlocker for most of the sewing but did the fiddly bits on the bottom front where the band joins using a normal sewing machine. I stitched in the ditch along the outside shoulder seams to keep the inside facing lying down.

This is the messy inside where I used three bits of red velvet ribbon to secure my belt buckle to the front neck. It looks good and is unusual but does keep dropping open if I lean forwards. Means to wear this I must stay standing upright! 😊. I also made the top and trousers worn with this stash buster.


Would I make this pattern again? Yes definitely! Because I did not line the hood I had to think a bit about how to adapt the pattern but it went together like a dream. Next time I think I might miss out the facings and make a lining and have a reversible top. Considering this was not a professional pattern company the pattern pieces fitted a lot better together than many patterns I have bought! There is more over on the blog if you fancy popping in sometime.

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    • Thank you for you kind comment. The neck detail looks better than it actually is I am afraid and may yet need to change. It does not stay done up. It is fine if I wera it out but when doing for example housework its not the best fastening! Or maybe I should just make a seocnd one and keep this for going out.


  1. You are so right about how similar the two patterns are. I too downloaded the free pattern years ago. Your hoody is lovely, and I really like the clasp idea – you’ve inspired me to print it out and make one!

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