LMV Cliff mannenhemd

My first stash smash post and I hope to deliver a few more this month. After making four dress shirts using the Zonen09 Theo overhemd it was time to look for another pattern. I had seen the LMV Cliff mannenhemd a while ago and was attracted by the shape of the shoulder yoke.


The shoulder yoke is cut into two parts and has an interesting look at the back. My husband already said he wanted another dress shirt with short sleeves. One and One makes a LMV Cliff mannenhemd short sleeved version. The triangular shaped welt pocket is something I decided to make so the pocket would match the shape of the back.


I used some leftover light grey fabric to make the welt pocket, the inner yoke, the inner collar, collar stand and gusset.

My husband is pleased with the result and loves the details.


Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used 1.25 10 points
Stash Time 3 weeks 5 points
Preciousness 20 points
35 points

The other good news? My first 35 points are in the pocket.

14 thoughts on “LMV Cliff mannenhemd

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I started making dress shirts for my husband at the beginning of this year and love doing it after making some white T-shirts for him. This gave me confidence to start making his dress shirts as well.


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