Capri Trousers

Stash Smash – Capri Trousers

Capri Trousers

I bought this cotton sateen in June after I’d come back from holiday with the ideal pattern for a pair of Capri trousers in a newly acquired sewing magazine. But lots of things jumped ahead of the trousers including The Monthly Stitch’s IPM and the fabric just got stuck under my ever present ironing pile.

Capri Trousers

I suppose the fabric hasn’t been in my stash for a particularly long time; I can pinpoint fabrics that have been languishing for years in there. It isn’t particularly precious either as I think the fabric is still in stock at Fabric Land. I’m hoping I’m going to have time for a higher scorer next time….

More details on the sewing magazine here and the construction here.


Metres Used 1- 3 meters (Chipping away) 10 points
Stash Time 1 month – 1 year (Buried under new pretties) 10 points
Preciousness Factor I like it, but I won’t cry if it’s a fail 10 points
Points Total 30 points


One thought on “Stash Smash – Capri Trousers

  1. Really nice capris, terrific fit. Shame the pattern book is in Italian otherwise I’d track it down. Definitely worth finishing – you’ve inspired me for Novembers Pants Challenge. And I say book that vacation in May!


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