Stashbusting t-shirts

Recently I’ve been really appreciating the beauty of a well cut t-shirt. And here are three from three different patterns I’ve made recently, all made with fabric and thread that were in stash. And fabric paints on hand.

1. Simplicity 8809 (from the 90s so I assume that the number is not current)


I’ve had this sitting in my stash for over a year. It was purchased in a bulk haul from a local op-shop. The fabric piece was too small to cut pieces out in the same direction so the stripes are off set on the back. Bummer – didn’t have to worry about matching side seams!


2. Named Clothing Inari T hack


This is made from fabric sourced from the same shop as the one above a the same time. It’s a horrific colour for me and I just grabbed it because there was quite a lot and I thought I might use it for muslining – haha – or something similar. Then I decided I would make a t-shirt out of it, and paint the neckline with a bright colour to mitigate the butter yellow “I’ve had food poisoning for a week” effect. After a visit to our local art gallery where there was a Mattise exhibition showing, The Matissehirt was born.


3. Secondo Piano Basic Instinct T-shirt


This pattern is a free release from Sasha who has the Secondo Piano blog and instagram and I 100% recommend it. This fabric was a scrap my ever-generous sister gave me earlier this year. I painted this slogan on it as a reponse to the feelings surrounding the #metoo campaign that’s been going around social media: Women’s voices need to be heard.


So I don’t think I can beat many of you in points but let’s see how I got on for my projects:

T-shirt One = 26 points in total

  • 1-3 metres of fabric – 10 points
  • 1-2 years stashed – 15 points
  • Ease of cutting – 1 point

T-shirt Two = 26 points in total

  • 1-3 metres of fabric – 10 points
  • 1-2 years stashed – 15 points
  • Ease of cutting – 1 point

T-shirt Three = 16 points in total

  • Under one metre of fabric – 5 points
  • 1 month to a year stashed – 10 points
  • Ease of cutting – 1 point


Happy stash smashing fellow sewers 🙂

19 thoughts on “Stashbusting t-shirts

    • Thanks.
      Colours can make or break for sure! We have a family friend that needed an extension on a university assignment that she hadn’t done enough work on. She went to her lecturer wearing a burnt orange jersey, he took one look at her and said: “You look terrible! You’d better have an extra week for that assignment.” 😀 😀 😀

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  1. I love your Inari! I’m just finishing the Named Minya Pelerine Tee and couldn’t recommend this more for stash busting – I’m making the sleeves out of a piece of bamboo/cotton I had left over from another project and some applique for the Pelerine and the body out of a small remnant of organic cotton knit I bought a long time ago. I LOVE this pattern 🙂

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