October Stash Usage

2017-10-29 17.54a

I could have done a bunch of posts, but instead decided to put all this month’s sewing in one big post.  I’ve been sewing for my boys and myself.  I’ve pulled stuff out of very deep stash, used some special fabrics and in the process made a bunch of things we actually needed and one or two that were just cos I could.

1:  T-shirt and shorts for youngest (who’s now taller than me!)


The t is merino/nylon (New Horizon’s Designs 11th Hour Gear pattern) and the shorts are cotton drill (an old Burda pattern no longer in print).

Points:  Merino 30 (chipping away, buried under new pretties, like but won’t cry)
Drill       70 (chipping away, full maturity reached, like but won’t cry)


The Laneway Dress by Jennifer Lauren Designs in Liberty Lawn, not warm enough yet to wear, but it fits well this time around.

Points: 60 (chipping away, buried under new pretties, takes a deep breath)


Nighttime photo, not ideal.  This is a sweatshirt from cotton terry for youngest again using Burda 6602.

Points: 70 (chipping away, full maturity, won’t cry)


Skirt for me using some poly or tencel from deep stash and with a little decorative stitching added just cos I could.  Pattern is Simplicity 2058 and was a good fit right out of the envelope.

Points: 70 (chipping away, full maturity, won’t cry)


The Merryweather Dress from Stitch Upon a Time using once again very deep stash fabric, I think it’s cotton and unfortunately since it wasn’t me taking the photo the focus isn’t good, apparently my phone doesn’t like other people using the camera.  This is another that fit fairly well without any adjustments.

Points: 80 (chipping away, full maturity, really like)


A vest for youngest using New Look 6251 and some very precious Malden Mills Windpro, don’t let the expression fool you, he loves it!  There wasn’t enough in one colour, so the back is orange to match the collar.

Points: 100 (chipping away, full maturity, takes a deep breath)


And the same pattern for eldest, using a less precious polar fleece, though just as old.  He’s not worn anything else since I made it.

Points: 70 (chipping away, full maturity, won’t cry)


Same pattern for me this time (girl version) using more of my precious Malden Mills fleece; love this!  My husband commented it looked just like a bought one so it’s pretty good.

Points: 100 (chipping away, full maturity, takes a deep breath)


And finally here is the Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly patterns (only available on Indiesew.com) in a merino with a very fine stripe.  Super comfy but not yet sure if it suits me.  I finished it today so will wear it a few times and see how I feel.

Points:  40 (chipping away, buried, really like)


So that’s it, a total of 10 items between the boys and me adding to 690 points if my maths is right.  I did it in my head so it might not be.  All in all I’m fairly pleased with all the items and if the boys will stop outgrowing their clothes for a short bit I’ll be happy too.  There’s a wee bit more information on my blog, Warming Crafts.

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    • Thank you, I appreciate the compliment! I’m just glad the boys like them and hope they get some decent wear out of them before they grow too big, teenagers seem to grow almost as fast as babies do, lol.


    • I know, I’ve been hoarding it for way too long but it feels good to have used some of it. I’ve still got at least 2 lots left but will keep that for next winter I think; don’t want to make something now for the boys and have them grow out of it before they even get to wear it. The vests are transeasonal so should get use this summer on cooler days at least.

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