LMV Odette T-shirt Veritas Hannelore Top hack

A couple of month back my husband, out youngest daughter and I visited Belgium and I bought some fabric to make a Top for my mother. I also bought a Veritas magazine. The shirt dress came along and while waiting for the train I bought the 20th edition of the La Maison Victor.


After making the Top for my mother I had four pieces of leftover striped fabric. The all had odd shaped and there was no way you could cut a Top with set-in sleeves in a normal way out of these four pieces.


But then this came along. A while ago a Belgium seamstress who started her sewing blog five years ago decided to challenge us with the ‘Stik Together Belgique’ challenge. You had to use one or more Belgium designed patterns and preferable Belgian fabric as well.

I decided if I could use both magazines and the four leftover pieces to make a Triple. Triple is a famous Belgium beer brand and it also was my the name of my first blogpost. Perfect but it’s also my third contribution to the Stash Smash challenge.


I used the LMV Odette T-shirt as the base and the shape of the Veritas Hannelore Top  neckline. The short side of the triangle shaped neckline was then drafted to the hem. The back pattern has the same shape as the front. This simple designed pattern looks so more interesting now.


Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used just about something between 1 m and 1,20 m 10 points
Stash Time about 5 months 10 points
Preciousness 40 points
60 points

This Stash Smash really was such a good idea. A big thanks for Mel and Nikki. I had my focus on using fabrics that were in my stash and also using patterns I already had.

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