No. 4 London Coat – Stash Smash!

This challenge has been a lot of fun and it’s been great reading everyone else’s posts on how they’ve smashed their stash! The fabric that I used for this project has been languishing in my stash for nearly 3 years now. I bought it the first time I went to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate. It’s a wool (or wool blend) and it cost me £8 a metre and I bought three metres of the stuff with the intention of making a little skirt suit out of it. I went off that idea pretty quickly but then I moved onto the Cascade Duffle coat by Grainline Studios. I never got round to buying that pattern either…

Then I won a PDF pattern from How to Do Fashion from IPM here on the Monthy Stitch and my mind was made up. This October challenge made sure it happened!


No.4 London Coat versions 1,2 & 3

Version 1 is a long coat with a big collar, patch pockets, button closure and is fully lined. Version 2 is a shorter, hip length coat with no collar, in seam pockets and a belt to keep it closed. Version 3 is shorter still, has a strange tie collar, lined sleeves and a couple of welt pockets. My original intention was to make the easiest version, no. 2 (middle image above).

In the end, the coat I went for was a mix of all three coats. It’s fully lined (like version 1), it’s hip-length, has no collar and no closures (like version 2) and it has welt pockets (like version 3). Here it is…


With brooch closure


Belt closure but I forgot to add belt loops – whoops!



I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt at a coat. I learned so much whilst sewing it, and although it’s far from perfect (I think I may have used too much interfacing to start) it has got me thinking of what coat I can make next.

So, how many Stash Smash Project Points did I get?

Metres used 3 (matchy matchy pant suit) 15
Stash time 3 years (I’m waiting for the perfect pattern) 25
Preciousness I really like this fabric so I’ll use a pattern I trust 20


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