Simplicity 6068 grey wool houndstooth jacket

Late last year, my mother and I were browsing in an Op Shop and spying a piece of wool jersey, I commented “You don’t see fabric like this anymore”. Returning home, she disappeared into her sewing room, and reappeared sometime later with a lovely piece of grey houndstooth wool jersey. She can’t remember exactly how long she’d had it, but for many years. Would I like it? “Yes please!” I love the kind-of punk fading check pattern.

There was about 1.2 metres (a rough-cut metre), x 1.4m wide, not much more than a skirt length. But it didn’t feel like a skirt to me. At first I entertained the idea of making a tunic dress, before settling on a short jacket. From my own stash I pulled Simplicity 6068 a pattern from 1983, but soon realised there wasn’t going to be enough fabric even to make that, so I need to get creative.

Simplicity 6068 grey wool houndstooth jacket front and back view

To achieve the fade from hem upwards, the body pieces had to be cut on the crosswise grain (hem on the selvage), while the sleeves were cut on the lengthwise grain. I ditched the collar, but there still wasn’t enough fabric. Scouring the shops I eventually found matching grey leather in The Fabric Warehouse and cut a yoke and pocket trims. It was a very tight squeeze, the facings are scraps patched together, and there are virtually no left-overs.

Simplicity 6068 grey wool houndstooth jacket inside and scraps

I’m very happy with the results, and as you can see by the rumpled photos, it has been worn a few times already.

Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used  1.2m  10 points
Stash Time  10 months (not counting Mum’s years!)  10 points
Preciousness      Really like it, so “Made It Work”  20 points
 40 points

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20 thoughts on “Simplicity 6068 grey wool houndstooth jacket

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  2. This is amazing! What a fabric find and well done for eking this jacket out of it. I think you need to give yourself more stash points though… 😀

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    • I sure will. It’s very useful at the moment, with the weather in-between seasons, I wear it to work in the morning chill, then chuck in my bag on the way home, it doesn’t crease because it’s jersey knit. Handy!

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