Smarty Pinda Pants

Haven’t been around here for a while, but hoping to make my apperances here a little more frequent.

The theme for November was smarty pants, which quickly pushed the pants I was planning up to the head of the queue. In September, I made my first pair of Pinda pants, by Waffle Patterns. Fearing that I would vanity size, as I usually do, I went to the higher of the sizes I fell in between. Big mistake! The pants turned out huge and even though I took them in considerably in the side seams (as much as one can without compromising other things such as pocket size) they were still really big. And taking in the side seam didn’t really help the excess around the fly seam.

For this version I cut a size lower, the size I thought was vanity sizing on my part and they turned out great! I’m sure the fit can be improved a little, but overall, I love the way they sit on me. Most importantly, they fit better than any pair I’d buy if I went to the mall. Let’s not follow Robin Sparkles to the mall, let’s make our own clothes!

What drew me to the Pinda pants were the pocket variations. In my first version I did the flap pocket, not as hard as it looked, and for this version I made the patch pocket with a zipper detail. I wanted these pants to be cool. I used a stretch denim from Stoff och Stil, which grows a little with wear considering it’s a cotton/elastane blend, and top stitched many of the seam. I like the look of top stitching, but man is it boring to keep switching threads constantly.


Pocket detail. And yes I need a new belt.

There will definitely be more Pindas in my future, a remake of the flap pocket version is a must (I’m thinking olive green) and I’m wondering how the leg would look if I omitted the darts, more bootcut perhaps, which could be a variation to try. The pattern was easy to work with, the instructions has illustrations for most of the steps making for a good-looking fly (the hardest step) and good-looking pants.


I really needed new pants (still do) and these were a great addition to my wardrobe. Like I said, I wanted cool pants and I think these fit the bill!

(Top is also sewn by me. A mashup of to Jenny Hellström patterns a t-shirt and a raglan dress in ponte di roma from Stoff och Stil)

Sorry about the mess in the background. The photography is the part that turns me off blogging and the reason I’ve been absent from blogging, but now I’ll bite the bullet. Messy pictures are better than no pictures, right?




6 thoughts on “Smarty Pinda Pants

  1. Thanks Helena! I’ve had these on my to sew list and it’s great to see someone whose style and wardrobe I’m a bit familiar with wearing them. Great job!


  2. These are great trousers.I’m always on the look-out for interesting trouser patterns – I really love the pockets. The fit looks good too and they look fantastic with your top. By the way, you photos don’t look messy by my standards either! I can see floor without lego on it in the background!


  3. Oh this is so helpful. I also bought this pattern but have yet to attempt it. Its really very useful to know about the sizing. I am going to have to have a go at making a pair for myself now. They look really good.
    And I also have this problem with messy photos. We seem to always be decorating which means piles of stuff in the wrong room or the garden needs sorting out or something. I think you are right to not worry. Most of us live in a world where its not perfect and we all have those problems. You just have to chose to either bite the bullet and post the best you can or wait and wait in the hopes that one day it will all be wonderful and perfect and in the meantime life just passes you by! One day I may have a decorated house and a perfect garden. I live in hope!


  4. Your pants did turn out really nice! Nice fit and tres cool 🙂 Pants are on my roster this fall/winter as well. I bought (EEK RTW ALERT!) a pair of linen baggy leg pants last year (for a small fortune I admit – $250) but I LOVE them. They were risky considering I didn’t even try them on. I love them so much I’m on a mission this time to make some of my own baggy ones in linen for next summer. I’ve also found them super comfortable in the house (I work from home seeing clients).


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