Announcing the December Challenge

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la, fa la la la…

And if you’re anything like me, it’s also the season when it’s a sudden panic, oh no! I’ve got this party to go to and I was going to make this gift for them, this for those folks down the road and I still need to make the mince pies, Christmas cake, AND make sure the house is immaculate since so and so is coming to stay. Surely there’s something I can make for myself to make me feel good?

Ok, I admit, I’m not that bad, but invariably when I gets to mid-November I begin to think I’ve got a lot to do in the five-six weeks before the man with the big white beard and big tum (no, not my husband) comes to visit. What can I make that’s quick and easy and doesn’t require fancy fitting or alterations? My poor sewing machine, I can see it now, smoke coming from the fly wheel while It goes faster and faster! Or will I be trying to multitask and use two machines at the same time! Ha ha, the mind boggles!

So our December challenge is what can you make when time is short? What can you whip up speedily? What is going to make your sewing machine/overlocker start steaming? Don’t forget you need to cut that creation out, it’s not just the sewing, it’s the whole process.

  • Pattern decision time – does it actually need a pattern?
  • Fabric decision time – is there something in stash, or am I going to have to buy, pre-wash, etc (oh no, it’s raining it’s not going to get dry!!)
  • Cutting out – oh yeah, two big rectangles, another rectangle as long as your waist and Bob’s your uncle, a gathered skirt
  • Machine prep – this could involve threading up your overlocker, filling up the bobbin
  • Actual sewing and construction time – don’t forget to press your beeyoutiful seams and finished item.

Mr N and I are going to a wedding in the UK in January and I’m supposed to be making a dress for me and a waistcoat and a shirt for Mr N to wear. I couldn’t resist this last weekend but to make myself a Belcarra blouse. Well I’d kinda got swayed (as usual) by something I saw on Instagram as usual! Oh, and it was pressed, I’d just been wearing it all day! 🙂

My poor sewing machine…



2 thoughts on “Announcing the December Challenge

  1. This challenge is just what I need to get back into this forum. I haven’t sewn all year and this month I suddenly have a few projects to make before Christmas. woohoo!!


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