Coming back to a favorite: Liana Jeans

Like many new sewists, the thought of making my own pants and jeans scared the bageezus out of me and so I put it off for a very long time.

My procrastination really came to a head last year when I quite literally had no pants I could wear in public. Pants could wait no longer, so I invested the time, heart ache, and hair pulling into working out my fitting needs with my first pair of Liana Jeans from Itch to Stitch.

Liana Jeans collage

Pants making collage

One year and 4 pairs of pants later, I’ve returned to my TNT jeans pattern this fall.


I’m getting into my sewing stride when it comes to pant making, so this second go around with the Lianas came together so much faster and more easily.

I have a pinterest board that I turn to for my detail inspiration, especially for pocket stitching. On this pair, I also copied the idea from my board to use the selvage edge of the denim as the top of my coin pocket.

Next in my pant making adventures are a pair of Alyse Slim pants from Designer Stitch and the Cadence pants from DG Patterns.

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2 thoughts on “Coming back to a favorite: Liana Jeans

  1. I have such an approach/avoidance pattern of behaviour with making pants! I go at it with gusto (patterns, fabric, courses) and end up with a pair of pants that just look TERRIBLE. I resort to a couple of knit pants and be done with it 🙂 I can wear RTW fairly easily (and inexpensively) BUT I still have this niggling fantasy of at least making one linen, flowy style of pant (I bought a RTW pair last year that was NOT inexpensive – $250 🙂 ) and I know I should be able to make myself some because they aren’t terribly fitted. I will go at this again! You did and with amazing results! Your pants look fabulous and now you have a pattern you can always pull out to make up a pair and you know it will fit and feel great 🙂 Plus you have the experience of knowing how to do it. You’ve inspired me 🙂


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