Amnesty Day – a challenge within a challenge

Last year, the challenge “Inspiration Nation” had me reflecting on a jacket made by Miriam during the “Check it out!” challenge (July 2015). At the time I thought a plaid dress I’d made some years before would be great to re-make into a jacket someday. The June 2016 challenge provided the perfect opportunity.

Since the dress hadn’t been worn for a over a year, but the fabric was still in excellent condition, I decided to unpicked and recut it into a jacket. I liked the velvet inlaid collar from Simplicity 3146, but unfortunately couldn’t use the rest of this pattern because there wasn’t enough width for the kimono sleeves. Instead, I turned to Simplicity 3120 (circa 1959) for the body and sleeves. However, there was absolutely no way of matching the check across the body to the sleeves, no matter how hard I tried. Disappointed, and though the jacket was near completion, it became a UFO, hiding in the back of my closet.


Fast-forward to last months TMS challenge when Bracken mentioned she also had unfinished jackets and coats hanging around. We challenged each other to complete one of them in time for November’s Amnesty Day. Out of the closet it came.


It was actually very close to being finished, just the sleeve linings need attaching and buttons and buttonholes. But after trying it on, I decided to also re-position the side bust darts and add a velvet cuff – the sleeves were just a touch too short for me.


While I’m happy to be finished with it, I have to to be honest and say I like it but don’t love it. The fit is still not quite right, and I don’t at all like the velvet cuffs – but they’re ok rolled up. Still, it will get worn next winter, I’m sure.

10 thoughts on “Amnesty Day – a challenge within a challenge

  1. This is beautiful and I didn’t even notice the bit about the plaid matching until you mentioned it. But, I do understand about disappointment and sometimes that has kept me from enjoying otherwise lovely garments.

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    • Oh well, the plaid matches in the back! The more I look at it the more I like it, so by the time next winter rolls around I’m sure it will get worn. Sometimes I just need a bit of distance to ‘forgive and forget’.

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  2. Well done. You did better than me cos I have not managed to finish . Life was not very good sewing-wise this month. I probably will finish but not for a few days yet. As soon as I saw you had posted it was Oh no! Other half was: what is wrong? Well you definitely did better than me this time. Congrats. Looks really good as well even if you do not like the velvet. A very wearable jacket. Shame you are not here ( or not depending how you think about it) cos its seriously freezing in the UK. I really like this jacket. I always find tartan very difficult ad you have done very well here.

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    • Well, thanks for challenging me as I wouldn’t have finished it yet otherwise, and it’s a relief to be done with it. Completely understand about time issues – everything goes a bit crazy at this time of year doesn’t it? The more I look at it the more I’m sure it will get worn next winter – I’m planning outfits already!


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