Pajama Pants! Feel the Comfy!

My “Pants Month” project is not as challenging or gorgeous as others have posted, but I bet it’s the comfiest!

This PJ set is from McCall’s 7297, done up in 100% cotton jersey and vintage hot-pink trim from my grandmother’s stash. (For more on that, see my blog, Distaff.


In case you want to make some comfiness of your own from this pattern, here’s my advice on sewing them up.

  • These pants are pretty large. Based on the measurements and the close-fitting top, I expected I would have to size up. Nope. (The top is close-fitting, however. Go figure.)
  • The pants have wide legs and I worried about tripping in my stocking feet, so I pegged each leg seam 1/2 inch on a gradual slope starting at the knee.
  • The cuffs are made by folding over a rectangle sewn in the round, so you don’t have the usual turn-and-topstitch hem to play with. The length was perfect for me (I’m 5’6″) but if you aren’t, I’d do a test run before cutting and sewing.
  • I added one back pocket to the pants for my cellphone, natch.