Phew, just in time pants!

Heya Lovelies,

I bought this lovely creasy fabric from Annah Streton fabrics a while ago when they had a big sale on.

I quite this Simplicity pattern. It’s high and fitted across the waist and really wide in the leg. Which either makes the pants look more formal or like PJ pants… or both simultaneously.

I’m looking a bit dishevelled in these photos because I’ve been teaching all day and it’s end of year concert o’clock!

I discovered once I’d made them that these pants will only be appropriate with beige coloured giant nana undies. (It’s an exciting life I lead!)

Top and Rapunzel necklace also handmade by me.

Done! Now tomorrow I’m into a month of dresses for a great cause.

I’m doing Dressember this year which is a world wide challenge to raise money for people trafficked and in modern day slavery.  You can find out more about it on my blog. I’m letting people choose which dress I wear when they sponsor me (I have uploaded photos of 63 of my dresses! mostly hand made).

love you more than the perfect set of undies xxx

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