Put a Hat on It!

December’s here. It’s cold (I’m in New England). There are gifts to give and charities to support. NO WAY am I stepping into a Joann’s. And there is NO DAMN TIME.

What to do? Put a hat on it!

I made the duo of white hats and the trio of blue, black and white hats for a local charity that collects winter clothing for the needy. The pink hat is for a friend’s daughter.

Each hat takes up only about a fat quarter’s worth of knit fabric – jersey and fleece. I made all six hats on a lazy Sunday afternoon and used up some scraps and trims I’d had lying around for a while. For more, see my blog, Distaff.

4 thoughts on “Put a Hat on It!

  1. The hats look wonderful. I was unfamiliar and really impressed with the Green Pepper website before and am particularly intrigued by the Nor’Wester hat. I was also impressed by the Oki Joker’s Shirt you featured on your blog since I have been considering buying it. It looks like it could be very flattering, despite being so unconventional.


    • Thanks for the comments. Green Pepper are very high quality patterns. I recommend them. And the joker shirt is very wearable – go for it!


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