Free PDF Tshirt Pattern!

Itch to Stitch – Uvita pattern. Here’s one for speed sewing, I made three (evening, weekend sewing). I applied to test my size (graded sizes) for this tshirt pattern as it was the same shape as a Breton stripe tshirt I was admiring in RTW. I also like that it’s not tight fitting, I ordered a tshirt pattern from a different company last year for £9.50 and even when I sew it up in a bigger size from the recommended it doesn’t fit right. This relaxed tshirt is really nice and it’s FREE! It doesn’t look tent-like either, in fact the hip is ‘close fitting’ (the rest of the top has ease) so it doesn’t have that swing going on.  I sewed size 6 grading to size 4 waist and size 8 hip. It was easy to do, you print the sizes you want and draw a line between them.

Butterfly fabric in a very soft brushed viscose from Fabric Land UK.

Itch to Stitch Uvita Knit/Jersey Top – sizes 00 to 20 (3/4 sleeve or long sleeve)

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7 thoughts on “Free PDF Tshirt Pattern!

      • Awesome! I downloaded the pattern yesterday and just have to take it to be printed. It really looks like a great top and it’s good to hear that the instructions are clear and the pattern is well drafted! 🙂 I always worry about these things when trying a pattern from a company I’ve not had experience with, so your comment is so helpful! 🙂


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