Egg Coat completed Burda Style pattern / 09/2016 #117

Another completed UFO. This was part of my challenge with Juxnz to finish a coat or jacket for amnesty day which was 30th November. Well Juxnz won that hands down but I have finally finished one of my UFO coats.

This is Burda 09/2016 style 117 made from quilted upholstery fabric with the collar and pockets in offcuts of faux leather in navy.

Well what can I say this was a massive learning curve for me since I had never made welt pockets. I ended up recutting the right front 3 times due to my destruction when making the welt pockets so my advice if you have never done these do a mock up first. I started off with 4.5m of this fabric so luckilly was able to simply cut a new front (twice!) but under normal circumstances this might have been a very expensive disaster. As it is because I had lots of fabric it eventually worked.

Then I used a salvedged zip from an old gazebo because its the only zip I had that was long enough and I do not have spare money right now. I cut this off shorter in fact after inserting and hid the ends inside the collar band.

I had a few problems with the zip as well due to believing it will all be ok but of course things are never that easy or simple and I even tacked it in but forgot to check before sewing that everything lined up OK.

When I first put in the zip I did one side, tacked and then sewed and then did the other but then when I did it up it was askew as you can see here. I undid and re-sewed and shortened the hem slightly to match the first side. This means the lining is slightly out inside but I am not too worried about that. The lining is cheap (99p for 2m) polyester knit. I thought it would add warmth but its a bad idea because after I sewed it in place I found runs where it was coming unknitted so I ended up using clear nail varnish to fix the runs and stop them getting worse. Not ideal but will do for now. I will probably either re-line or add a second lining on top at some point. For now though I just want to wear this.

There is more over on the blog if you fancy popping by,

Happy Christmas to everyone and heres hoping next year we may have a more peaceful world.


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