Speedy Ogdens

This month’s challenge was kinda my idea, so I thought I ought to post something! I am the world’s worst at sewing what I should be and being distracted by something else, either because the weather suddenly changes and I want something to wear there and then, or because it’s something that requires my brain and I’ve had a tough day of work and I just want something easy!

My excuse this time around, erm… Meant to be making shirts for Mr N for Christmas, and the sunny summer weather continues and continues here in NZ and I have to have some more tops to wear. Well, in my defence, it’s been around 20 plus degrees and constant sunshine for weeks (we now have a drought) and I was sewing a long-sleeved shirt in black… I don’t care if you’ll let me off or not!


You may remember I made one of these camis last July for IPM (in our winter). As predicted, this has had so much wear, so I’ve now made two more! Fabric for both came from the Fabric Warehouse here in Wellington (my store of choice). I also made the changes I decided it needed back then. I’ve left the front neckline raised, I’ve also widened the front so that the straps now cover my scaffolding.

They were still very quick to make and very satisfying. I reckon each one cutting out and making up, around 3 hours each. Perfect for an evening after dinner to take my mind off the day which had gone before. It’s also meant I have some new tops to wear for our lovely summer weather.

For more details on these Ogden Camis you can check out my blog.

PS I managed to make two shirts and some PJ bottoms in time for Christmas for Mr N and our summer has gone for Christmas day!

Meri Kirihimete from your admins!


2 thoughts on “Speedy Ogdens

  1. Lovely top! I laughed at “over my scaffolding” – it took me a second to figure out what you meant 🙂 I’ve been on a run with Jalie 3667. This top fit me right out of the envelope (some going between sizes). I couldn’t believe it. I got so excited I just kept making them and I’m sitting here at my cpu wearing one of them. I decided to splurge and ordered 4 m. of silk knit and made up a couple for undershirts (I’m in Victoria BC Canada and we have ANYTHING BUT sunny, warm right now 🙂 ) which are going to be perfect for layering when it’s gets even colder which it inevitably will 🙂 We sewists get so excited when we find a pattern that WORKS don’t we?


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