Four new homemade basic T-shirts

There comes a time you’ve to admit that some of your clothes are faded and worn out. A few of my basic T-shirts had seen better days so it was time to let them go. This step let to the next step: replacing them.

I started with looking for my basic T-shirt pattern. I drafted it myself but sadly I wasn’t able to find.

So I decided to draft a new one instead of buying a new basic T-shirt pattern. One hour later my pattern was ready and I used some soft light grey jersey from my stash to make the first one.


A visit to Stick ‘n Stof in Leiden let to the second make.


A gift and number three was made.


Number four was also made of a fabric from my stash. This fabric was a bit of a surprise. It was bought as a small striped black/white but when I wanted to sew it I saw it was dark blue/white.


The introduction for this December Speed Sewing 2017 challenge was what can one make quick and easy and doesn’t require fancy fitting or alterations when time is short. Is there anything that one can whip up speedily? Started my sewing machine and overlocker steaming with this December Speed Sewing 2017 challenge? My first contribution was already cut and only needed sewing but took me 6 hours to sew it together.

Now what are the figures for these four new homemade basic T-shirts.

  • Pattern decision time – does it actually need a pattern?
    • Yes. And I ‘had’ to made a new one. Drafting time one hour.
  • Fabric decision time – is there something in my stash, or am I going to have to buy, pre-wash, etc (oh no, it’s raining it’s not going to get dry!!)
    • Two fabrics came from my stash (good for my stash reducing intention), one fabric was a gift and the last one was bought during a visit.
  • Cutting out – oh yeah, two big rectangles, another rectangle as long as your waist and Bob’s your uncle, a gathered skirt.
    • Laying the fabric straight, matching stripes: about 30 minuten to cut each. Cutting with scissors takes time.
  • Machine prep – this could involve threading up your overlocker, filling up the bobbin
    • The overlockers was threaded three times, but every time I’ve to do this its’s getting easier. A good practice.
  • Actual sewing and construction time – don’t forget to press your beeyoutiful seams and finished item.
    • Sewing and finishing time 3 hours for each T-shirt.

If I measure my four new homemade basic T-shirts in office hours I spend two days making them. Next time when I’m working and going for lunch I think instead of working I could have finished one T-shirt and when I leave the office after a day of work my second T-shirt would be ready.

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