Michael Kors Inspired Jeans

I love making jeans and when I saw last months challenge I decided to vote for the November 2017 pants challenge but sadly never made the pants. KNIPmode is a Dutch sewing magazine and in the September 2017 issue was a pattern of a jeans I wanted to use for this challenge. You even can see the jeans fabric I wanted to use.


I made a toile but that one didn’t fit and I’m still looking how to do the alterations to make it fit.


Then the ‘Designin December’ challenge came along. I had some more to less animal printed black/white jeans fabric in my stash and when I was looking for inspiration I found the Michael Kors zebra print jeans. I decided to make that jeans for the challenge and a matching cardigan with a lace front inspired by a cardigan designed by Valentino as Top.


When I started writing my TMS December cardigan blogpost I found out that one could add at the last day of each month a post of any finished TMS Challenge make from any prior challenge. So I decided to write the pants post after all and show you my animal printed black/white jeans.