Lots of reSEWlutions

ReSEWlutions. The online sewing community’s unofficial slogan should be
“never letting a sewing pun go un-punned”

My resolutions include, but are not limited to:

Getting my machine serviced
Keeping the sewing space tidy
Being more intentional
Not letting my changing body shape (I’m seven months pregnant) be an excuse for not sewing
Using up all my scraps

But my first project of 2018 is all about another resolution – using the patterns I have rather than being tempted into new ones.
So this is a very faithful old pattern for me – the Sewaholic Belcarra blouse. Remember Sewaholic? Seems like they were big back in the midsts of time when By Hand London were the coolest brand out there and Papercut Patterns were just a glint in their father’s eye. How times move on.

The Belcarra is pretty quick to sew, particularly as there are no darts to faff around with. Always a winner in my book.
I’m happy with the fit on me so didn’t need to make any changes, even for the bump! That’s largely because I made it out of a jersey though.
Oh also, I managed to adhere to one of my other resolutions: using up all the scraps by making a Seamwork Florence
Come and visit me later on in the year to see how much of a laughably short time I actually kept my sewing space clear and follow me on Instagram for sleep deprived updates of attempting to sew during a newborn’s naptime..

Wishing you all a fantastic 2018 full of perfectly rolled hems, spot on pattern matching, non fraying fabric and many, many sewing puns.

6 thoughts on “Lots of reSEWlutions

  1. Lovely top and bralette! I actually have the Florence traced out to use with some shirt scraps myself, but at this rate, I think it’ll wait until I’m done breastfeeding. Also, I miss Sewaholic.


    • me too! They were great for pear-shapers. I think the company was sold so I guess maybe they might release some patterns in the future but who knows…


  2. Excellent use of scraps! I have so many knit scraps I’ve saved, thinking, “I’ll use these for a bralette!” Hasn’t happened yet…Maybe that needs to become a reSEWlution.

    Where are you hiding that baby?! You look like I did at about ten weeks. Good luck sewing with a newborn! Hopefully it will be one of those chill babies that is happy sleeping in a wrap or bouncer & won’t require you to pace or sit on a yoga ball for hours on end!


  3. Your top looks great, looks very comfy too. That’s very organised to use your scraps up straight away like that!


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