Itch to Stitch Outfit

I favour sewing blouses and sweaters and don’t have many skirts and trousers so my plan is to create more outfits. My jacket is the Hvar Jacket by Itch to Stitch made last month (I didn’t get photos in time for speed sewing!). I wanted a matching skirt to go with it, so sticking to the brand, I decided to return to a  pattern purchased in 2016 when it came out – The Seville Skirt by Itch to Stitch. This is a quick sew if you use a sturdy fabric (bengaline, denim, twill, stretch cotton)- or you could make a lovely viscose/rayon version with a lining, it has a nice flippy front and back to it with flared sides.  I didn’t have enough of the faux suede so I picked a bengaline with beige in the print.

The Seville Skirt only takes on evening (for me) to sew up as there are no darts. The shaping is a little bit fancy! I wore my outfit on a canal walk in Oxfordshire.

The Hvar jacket is a clever alternative for blazers and you can put these jackets in the washing machine (subject to fabric choice) as there is no interfacing or padding. The construction was very easy, the most difficult part for a beginner I think would be the set in sleeves, and perhaps the topstitching if your fabric is thick. It was super windy and this jacket doesn’t have closures.  It folds/sits how it wants to!

I think this jacket is great for a cover up too – if you have a pretty sleeveless top but don’t want to show your arms. Or for warmth instead of wearing something too casual at work. Itch to Stitch sizes range from 00 to 20. I sewed a size 6 jacket and size 8 skirt, which roughly fit 10/12uk and 12uk skirt. The waist is quite fitted on this skirt so I didn’t bother grading down this time.

Thanks for looking x

Another resolution is to contribute to The Monthly Stitch more, I am glad to get the ball rolling with January!

4 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Outfit

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous! The jacket is especially flattering. I especially like the fabric choice for the skirt. Have a similar fabric in my stash for which I was unsure what to use it for. After seeing how lovely your outfit looks I realize it would be perfect for a skirt.


  2. Your outfit is lovely – such a great fit and so well put together! I have fallen in love with Itch to Stitch myself. The Vivienne Skirt was my first love but I’ve moved along to many of her patterns. Now I’ve fallen for the latest Bellivista but I have MANY patterns so far ahead of me in the cue it would be crazy to buy this one just yet 🙂


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