Announcing the March Challenge

It’s time for the March challenge. We have something really exciting and special coming up for April, so here’s something relatively non-taxing to take part in. You have been warned…


It’s that strange time of year. Here down in the southern hemisphere we’re dreading the onset of winter and you lucky guys in the north are dreaming of summer. The weather is our constant nemesis, it seems to be a national obsession here in NZ and it definitely was when I lived in the UK! One minute it’s freezing cold and the next it’s warm and sunny. We constantly have four seasons in one day here in Wellington.

How do you cope with that change? I’m useless at layering and making it look stylish. The most I seem to manage is a cardi over a dress, which probably explains why I have a wardrobe packed full of clothes. Let’s see how you layer things up, what patterns do you like to use? How do you mix and match those fabrics? I hate to admit it, but successful layering could mean less clothes in my wardrobe!

When I try to layer up, I feel completely trussed up! These options below are the perfect inspiration.

Using a single dress to layer through the seasons from

Or what about this shirt and leggings adding a tunic from

Handmade by Carolyn, if you’ve ever see her blog seems to have layering sussed. Just check out these images from her year of handmade.

Let us see those layered makes and show us some inspiration!

One thought on “Announcing the March Challenge

  1. I’ve never been a great layerer – give me a Tee and a super warm coat and I’m happy. I think good layerers are those who really feel the cold – I could live quite comfortably in a meat locker so I never developed the skill because it was never a necessity for me 🙂 I also don’t think the look suits me – I always think small, thin people really suit the look because more and more layers just makes them look normal sized! So I don’t think I’ll be participating in this challenge but I look forward to seeing how others successfully put it together. I agree Caroline is the QUEEN of layering and her body type exemplifies just the shape I think does suit layering 🙂


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