Amnesty Day – Kelly Green Merino Hoodie for Shavasana

January came and went before I had a chance to post on TMS about my new green hoodie. To be fair, Aotearoa has just been blessed with the most glorious summer, so many hours has been spent outdoors smelling the roses, instead of indoors staring at a screen. Thank goodness for amnesty day to catch up.

Kelly Green Merino Hoodie - Butterick 6101

A few years ago, I was tempted into buying a piece of merino sweatshirting I saw online. It wasn’t cheap – about $35 p/m from memory, and a minimum of 2 metres, but I was intrigued because I hadn’t seen merino in this form before (nor since), plus green is my favourite colour. The idea was to make something warm for shavasana, as my yoga class can be chilly mid-winter. I pinned many ideas over the years, before settling on a classic hoodie.

At Moeraki boulders wearing Kelly Green Merino Hoodie (Butterick 6101)

An old, tried-and-trusted pattern – Butterick 6101 (ca. 1980) became the basic template, with a few tweaks. Pockets would be a must, plus I added cuffs and a hip band. The hood in the pattern is lined, but because the merino has a wonderful soft fleecy backing, I left it unlined, instead making a flat-felled seam down the centre back to keep it neat.

The hardest part was finding a zip and cord to match. I considered white, lime green, daffodil yellow, brass and chrome, before settling on a dark green zip – not perfect, but close enough. There doesn’t seem to be any cord in Wellington that isn’t black or white, so in the end, I created my own out of fabric.

Hands-down my favourite make in recent times.

(BTW, can anyone tell me what happened the lady’s leg (with the tennis racket) on the pattern?!)

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