A Floral Cardigan

Hello monthly stitchers! It’s been a while since I shared something here, so I figured I could share my latest layer creation.


Happy florals! (And a whole (except for stockings) me-made outfit!)

As I am in the Northern hemisphere, layers are still a necessity, especially since winter doesn’t want to release its grip on us, I woke up this morning to new snow and then heard on the radio that the cold may last until the end of April. I’m really hoping it was fake news!

What I wanted to show you was a nice lavender relaxed jacket with a zip and a collar. The collar ended up being wrongly cut and the zipper, well it curled like a snake.


My not so good lovely lavender cardigan…  (since the cardigan didn’t turn out well, I didn’t even bother with taking a photo, hence the suitcase in the back)

I still needed (or wanted. Probably wanted) a layering piece, so as I was rummaging through the remnant bin, I found a piece of a nice floral sweatshirt fabric. At just 1 metre (but 175 cm width) I could just barley squeeze out the cropped version of McCall’s 7608, a pattern that’s been in my stash for a while but never actually made up.


The back shape turned out well for me.

I really like this cardigan, the sweatshirt means that it’s nice and warm and the florals make it fun. However, I kind of want to store it away since it’s too warm for spring and summer, and then happily rediscover it in the fall. I’m ready for some warmer temperatures!

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