Announcing the April Challenge – Miss Bossy is back!

Miss Bossy is back and it’s no April Fools!

Miss Bossy knows that you have more than one new pattern in your stash, uncut with crisp factory folds.

Miss Bossy knows that you have more than one piece of precious fabric that don’t dare cut into.

Miss Bossy Patterns thinks you need some help deciding which new pattern or piece of fabric to sew with!

Before the end of March pick three unused patterns, or three pieces of fabric from your stash, and post them to your personal blog with a poll.

Once your post is up, you can paste the link in the comments here and on the Facebook page.

If you don’t have a blog (or your blog is “young”) you can also post them on our Facebook  page.

Miss Bossy Patterns wants your readers (and us) to vote for which you should make, and then you sew the winner in April.


Some extra thoughts:

  • Unused pattern or stashed fabrics do not have to be brand new, but they should be ‘new-to-you’, something you’ve never sewn before
  • PDF patterns count too
  • Use images and links to the pattern websites to help us vote
  • Take good photos of your fabrics
  • If your pattern is OOP (out of print) or vintage, Miss Bossy suggests you include a photo of the envelope
  • If you really want to earn some Miss Bossy brownie points you can do a vote for patterns AND follow up with a vote for the fabric!

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