Layering for Spring

Here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Spring is a bit of a weird season. One day it can be bright and sunny and the next snowing and sleet. It’s unpredictable and all over the map until about mid-May and just slowly from March to mid-May reaches the double digits in temperature (celcius). We need to prepare for everything: rain, sleet, sunshine, etc.

My sewing projects lately have all been focused on layering pieces which is great for the March challenge and things that will keep me warm, but maybe not too warm (just in case).

First up, is a grey Cashmerette Concord T with 3/4 length sleeves in a lightweight bamboo knit. Perfect for wearing with jeans or skirts and leggings. I paired it with Cashmerette Belmont leggings in the same fabric. These are cropped for the rare days where showing your calves might be possible in March/May. They will be useful in summer as well since I wear cropped leggings all summer as well. And that bamboo fabric is nicely breathable and lovely to wear.

Next up, my Seamwork Jill Coatigan in a wool knit. On one side, there is a floral print and the other has stripes. I chose to use the stripes for the main and the floral on the facings. I also shortened the coat significantly (about 15 inches in total) to accomodate the lack of fabric. In addition, I added contrast pockets and a belt with belt loops in a darker grey wool coating. I altered the sleeves with a bicep adjustment of 2 inches. I love this coat. It’s nice and lightweight and the pockets can hold so much!

Finally, with all the Cashmerette layers: I have Belmont leggings in the full length, an undershirt of a Concord tank top, and on top a Dartmouth top in a lightweight sweater knit and 3/4 length sleeves.

For anyone in the Southern hemisphere, these are great pieces for Fall as well. I like when our Spring/Fall makes the patterns easily interchanged. 🙂

You can read more about all of these on my blog. Happy Layering!