Call for Editors

Hello Monthly Stitchers,

This is a tough post to write and a bit out-of-the-blue but bear with me. I’ve been running TMS for over five years now and you may have noticed that Kat has moved on and Nikki has been helping me out for the last few months. 

I’ve been struggling to find TMS time lately with work and some new personal commitments I’ve taken on and I know my lack of presence has been reflected in the community participation both here on the blog and on the Facebook group page. I feel guilt for my lack of commitment and I’m trying to stick in here but I feel it’s time for a break. So Nikki and I are looking for help, especially with Indie Pattern Month sneaking up on us soon (highly likely to be in August this year).

I know many of you have been big supporters of The Monthly Stitch for almost as long as we’ve existed. It’s not a lot of work, a fair bit more during Indie pattern Month (!), but it’s also a lot of fun. Five years is a long time and I’ve seen this amazing community build up but it’s time to inject some new passion and fresh ideas. I believe TMS needs to live on and I hope that this can come from within our community because you guys truly understand what TMS is all about. If you love this blog as much as I do please consider coming on board as an Editor. 

In the interests of full disclosure, in the longer term (after IPM this year), I see myself stepping even further away so that the new and enthusiastic group of Editors can take over completely.

Ok, so that’s it from me for now, I’d love to hear from you if you are interested. Running TMS is the most fun when it’s a group effort and everyone helps each other out. You don’t even have to all be in the same country because technology is awesome.

Email me: if you want to know more, if you want to chat, if you have any questions, or if you have any ideas for our future.

Happy Sewing xx

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