You Picked…Simplicity 8175!

At the end of March, as part of The Monthly Stitch’s Miss Bossy theme for April, I asked the readers of my blog to vote on which skirt pattern I should make with the stretch cotton sateen I had on hand.

The fabric was originally intended to be cigarette pants for my SWAP capsule, but the fitting process for those was incredibly maddening so I quit them. I needed a replacement pattern for a bottom and decided a simple skirt with pockets would do the trick.

Side note: the pants didn’t have pockets so this is already superior to that in at least one respect!

The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the pencil skirt from Simplicity. I kind of saw this coming as the fabric choices and examples on the McCall pattern envelopes both look very dated and the Simplicity one is quite modern in comparison…I probably secretly wanted to make the Simplicity one anyway.

Good job everyone, thank you for your votes!

So I set about making the skirt but decided it REALLY needed a lining because the fabric was pretty sheer. I used some vanilla flavored colored taffeta I had on hand and decided to underline the skirt instead of making a free lining. That means I sewed the two pieces of fabric together and treated them as one piece as I constructed the skirt. And that even made the weight that much better for a bottom piece.

I made a size 16 after a quick and dirty paper fit. I really should have sized up a little bit because I ended up having to let out the side seams a full 1/2″ on each side. Oh well.

I shortened the skirt 3″ and consequently also shortened the front slit for modesty’s sake. And I deepened the hem from 5/8″ to double at 1.25″. I like the look of a deeper hem on skirts.

For the pockets, I used the lining fabric for the “bag” portion (the interior facing that doesn’t show from the outside). This helped eliminate a bit of bulk on the inside of the skirt.

The end result is a very cute skirt…on the hangar. I’ve stopped shrinking and have actually unshrunk enough that I cannot comfortably sit in this skirt without risking a split seam. That’s okay, because when I shrink back to what I was at the beginning of the year, I’ll have this cute skirt waiting for me!

I might even make another one in a burgundy or black. And maybe I’ll add the big tie to that one too.

I also really enjoyed the experience of my readers choosing a project for me. I think that’s something I might incorporate more regularly.

Thanks again for playing along!

Pattern Recap:

Pattern: Simplicity 8175
Size: 16
Fabric: stretch cotton sateen underlined with off-white tafetta
Modifications: shortened overall length 3″, shortened front slit by 1″, let out side seams by 1/2″, deepened hem to 1.25″
Notes for next time: measure better and make the bigger size!

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