Long time reader first time poster! I loved the idea of the April challenge. I have many unused patterns and although I always have a long to-sew list it was nice to have my next project chosen for me.

The Marcy Tilton dress was the clear winner of the 3 options and I found some nice “linen look” cotton to try this out in. This dress, unsurprisingly, is a bit of a fabric hog. The requirements for view A for narrow width fabric is 3.1 metres. I do think that the fabric I chose a little too heavy for the design. The suggested fabrics were all lightweight and this cotton is more medium weight. It means that it stands out a bit more than the pattern photos.


In order to counteract the weight of the fabric I decided to size down. I cut a medium across the bust and then an extra small everywhere else (my measurements should have me cutting a large).

Seeing these photos has been interesting to see how it actually looks on me. The side view isn’t the most flattering but I really like the front. I am pleased I have made the pattern up but I’m not sure how often I will wear it, as it is so different to what I normally wear. I feel like I should be hard at work in an artists studio, or at the very least wafting around picking flowers in a large garden in it. However I have received a lot of compliments when I have worn it.

v8813 close up

I really enjoyed sewing this dress, the unusual pattern pieces made it very interesting to sew up. The most difficult thing about it was pushing all the material around in my sewing machine. The pleating is one of the last steps you do and there was a lot of fabric. I had a couple of goes to get the pleating as I like it, but again the thickness of my fabric wouldn’t have helped that.

v8813 pleating detail

So so much fabric….

v8813 - a lot of fabric

Thanks for the challenge Miss Bossy 🙂 check out my blog if you want further details.

v8813 - big pockets

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