Amnesty Month – Stash Smash – Black Slip with Adjustable Straps

A couple months ago I made a white slip which has proven to be one of the most useful garments I have made thus far. So I figured I would make a black slip for all of my darker dresses that could use some more opaqueness.

Now there are many differences between my black slip and my white one. There are many reasons for that as well. The first is this fabric is not as giving as the white so I needed to go up one more size.

Second, I added a slit into the right side to make walking easier. One thing that was not added was a lining like the white one because this fabric is a little thicker.

If you want to view a bit more about the adjustable straps, you can CLICK HERE.  I was able to order the hardware for the adjustable straps in bulk!

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