Vogue 9010 Easy Sew Blouse

May Amnesty Month gives me the opportunity to make a pattern that wasn’t made. I bought this pattern somewhere in the 80s. I bought it for the shape of the neckline and the insert. Comes the question: Why this pattern hadn’t a change? Time issue as always. The pattern survived many moves to other houses as well as moves in our homes. The envelop is a little bit damaged but the pattern wasn’t.

My sewing May 2018 mission is the sew something for my mother. So I used the pattern to make this blouse for my mother.

This fabric has more or less stripes and I wanted to let them run through as much as possible. I also did some fitting alterations to the shoulder to get a better fit for my mother.

The big disappointment came that after basting the blouse didn’t fit at the hips. So after a good night sleep I found the solution. I made some triangulair shaped pieces of fabric and sewed them in the side seams. The end 4 cm above the hem according to the design of the neckline.

What do you think of my amnesty make? Winner?


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  1. Yes. And you’ve reminded me I have that pattern, which I made up when it first came out. I wonder whether I could make it fit now? You’ve shown the sleeves and neckline can still look modern in the right material!

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