You chose Joni Amnesty

Hi everyone,

As requested by Miss Bossy, I put a vote on my blog and on Instagram last month between three previously unmade patterns in my stash and left it to the reader of decide. These were the options…

Ultimate Trousers in Sew Me Sunshine Gingham Stretch Cotton

Cotton and Chalk Lily Dress in pink birds or blue and pink florals

Tilly and the buttons Joni Dress in Parrot Jersey from Sew Me Sunshine

The vote was overwhelming for the Joni Dress, though there was a few votes for the Trousers, which spurred me on to tackle them too, for more details, see my blog post.

Anyway, Joni it was. If anyone hasn’t read or tried any patterns from Tilly’s new book Stretch, I highly recommend it. It’s full of tips, inspiration and brilliantly fitting patterns.

I approached the Joni with some trepidation as it has a twist at the front, which looks quite complex… I love makes like this though, when you feel like sewing magic has happened! The instructions made it seem super easy and it came together really well. You attach the pieces at the shoulder, then turn one of the pieces fully and then sew up the front. It truly is sewing magic. I haven’t got masses of experience working with Jersey but I found this worked out really well.

I find it sits higher than the picture as suggest but looking at others, I think this is about right even though I usually have to FBA.

The fit of the skirt is quite flared and because the bodice finishes quite high, it makes for a really flattering fit and everyone I’ve seen in it looks great! I’m really pleased with mine.

This is a really satisfying pattern, which has something a bit different but still comes together really quickly. I love attaching sleeves on the flat! Best, quickest sewing ever!

You will notice that I didn’t ask voters to chose the fabric for this one and that’s because I just had to use this amazing Parrot Jersey from Sew Me Sunshine for it and I’m so glad I did. It’s so different and bright and I absolutely love it!

I wore it for a family meal and felt really bright and cheerful in it.

Meanwhile my photographer, who has been so patient through Me Made May so far, got a bit bored!

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6 thoughts on “You chose Joni Amnesty

  1. Nice dress, well made and well worn. That last pic is certainly no improvement on your own lovely smile but we have to let the photographers exercise their creative spirit! I’m thinking the dress isn’t drafted to refelct the picture. If you click on this link, you’ll find a twist pattern, one of many Anita uses for teaching twist pattern development.


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