Denim Knit Secret Pyjamas

Just squeaking in once again with a last minute post about a monthly challenge!

June’s theme was Secret Pyjamas, and I made the BEST s.p.’s ever & debuted this outfit in June. I used a familiar pattern, New Look 6936, to make something comfy to wear on Pattern Review Weekend which I helped organize this year, right in my own home town.

I had a remnant of solidly stretchy jean knit — it must have been intended for something substantial like jeggings — but I thought it was perfect for this favourite dress pattern.


I used View D, a solid bodice with kimono sleeves. Because of the amount of fabric I had in this remnant end, I did have to add a centre back seam to the bodice in order to fit the piece onto my fabric bits. That was simple enough to do, and is barely noticeable in wearing.


I made my usual adjustments — cut the bodice at size 12 instead of the 16 indicated by my measurements as this pattern has a crazy amount of ease — and graded to 16 at the waist/hip. I also added side seam pockets.


Because of the weight and stable nature of this knit fabric I just did a quick turn-under-and-stitch finish on the hem, sleeves and neckline; usually I avoid that quick and dirty finish but it seemed reasonable to use it here. I’ve had no puckering, stretching or waviness so it seems to have worked well. I’m all for the easy route if it seems like it’ll work out.

All in all, this easy silhouette and super soft and stretchy knit makes this dress the most amazing secret pyjamas ever!