A 1920s secret pyjama

As soon as I saw the june challenge, I knew exactly what pattern to use. In 2008, a german women’s magazine (that used to feature patterns as well, but stopped decades ago), added a sheet with some simple summer patterns to one issue.  I chose this dress, in the magazine it had been executed in a very crisp cotton with huge, abstract flowers. I made the mistake to use a thin, soft white cotton with pink flowers. You can imagine what happened – it looked like a nightgown and that’s what I used it for as there was no way this could be worn as a proper dress.  Luckily it was also comfortable enough to be worn as a nightgown.

A while ago I made a small glass bead weaving project and as I ran out of beads and it was too short for a bracelet, I wanted to use it on a 20s-style dress. In the “La mode du jour”-issue from december 1924, a french fashion and sewing magazine, I found a dress that followed nearly the exact same pattern as the 2008 dress, it only added godets to the side seams and didn’t use facing, but added contrasting ribbon to the edges.

So I went to work, using the comfy pyjama-dress-pattern, the 1924-design, the bead project and  a very soft and oh so comfortable pink rayon. As binding I used orange rayon bias binding, from the remaining length and some fabric scraps I braided a belt.

The beads are too heavy for this fabric (and I already did add some interfacing and another fabric layer to reduce the strain on the fabric), but it is ok for me. That fabric is just so so comfortable, I could live in that dress. Unfortunately it is also a little see through, so a lot of that comfiness gets lost when I need to add a slip to wear in public. But I do love it despite this.

I hope you like it. Sorry for the late post, I was only able to take photos of it this friday.
Greetings from Switzerland!

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