Kielo dress – secret pyjama

Hi everyone,

My name is Celine, I am a French woman in the UK (at least for now!) and although I have read the blog as a lurker for a while, this is my first ever post on the Monthly Stitch. I was planning to write it in June as this was for the June theme but life, or rather work got in the way so this it a little late.
I took part in the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge over in IG and although I wasn’t convinced by the Kielo dress by Named Clothing, I had seen so many of these dresses on Instagram that I was quite intrigued by it. When I looked at the drawings on the pattern I must admit that I couldn’t see the appeal really. I just didn’t see how the pattern would look good on me but I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it for the challenge. I raided my stash for a jersey I bought cheaply a while ago with no specific plan (quite an usual situation really). I pulled it and realised that I only had 2 meters of fabric and the pattern was calling for more. The dress is very long and with the wrap, the pieces are huge but anyway I managed to squeeze the pieces on my 2 meters so I was happy about that.

I cut the 3 pieces for the body and put the dress together quite quickly (I must admit I was impatient to try it on!). From there it only needed the binding to be added to the neckline and armholes, which I was a little scared about but went together quite easily.

So I stitched the binding on one arm hole first (I thought it would be less visible if I messed up than the neckline) and then the second. And finally I took a deep breath and went for the neckline too. With just the hem to finish, it didn’t take long to have a new wearable dress.

Verdict: it is such a comfy garment that I have been wearing it often already. The long length is great but could easily be shorten as well. Although most people wrap the pieces at the front, I like them wrapped at the back too and this is how I wore them today.

I have already cut a second one, which again only needs finishing… but it so hot here at the moment that I can’t bring myself to it. I have also discovered with delight that the Named website has a pattern for a sleeved version and also a shorter one…. I can see more of these in my future. Such a comfy garment.